1. Important Qualities of a Private Chef

    In my last blog, I went over some of the things both clients and private chefs need to keep in mind when trying to form a business partnership. Whether it is making sure your prospective chef is able to work and cook around your dietary restriction to knowing that your private chef’s schedule can work with yours and when you need food on the table, it is imperative that a team atmosphere is fost…Read More

  2. What are You Looking for in a Private Chef?

    By now, everyone who has come across my website knows how I’ve gotten to this point in my career. As a private chef, I’ve run through a gauntlet of obstacles to achieve my dream of being one of Los Angeles’ premier private chefs. With all of the time I’ve put in to get here, I’ve realized there are certain things clients look for when they are selecting a private chef. It’s important t…Read More

  3. Reasons to Hire a Private Chef

    Cooking is an artform and a hobby, but some may see it as an inconvenience or a daunting mountain to climb. If cooking anything other than macaroni and cheese seems too intimidating or your schedule simply does not lend you any time in the kitchen, hiring a professional chef can be a great option. Here in Los Angeles, the temptation to explore the expensive restaurants and smoothie bars is rampant…Read More

  4. How I Became A Private Chef

    At first no-one wanted me as their private chef. Although at that time I had a resume with Ritz Carlton training, along with a culinary degree, but breaking in to this particular (and sometimes peculiar)  field was not going to come easy. Looking back years later, It's understandable that when chasing my first freelance chef gigs I ran into some obstacles. What did i really know about working in …Read More

  5. What Can You Learn from a Chef Mentor

    The culinary world is full of twists and turns. One day, you’ll find yourself on the back porch, grilling a perfectly medium rare steak, and the next you find yourself in Commander’s Palace creating a refined snapper dish inspired by New Orleans itself. While it is always commendable to take everything upon yourself as a chef, sometimes you need some help. Whether you are just starting out or …Read More

  6. Turkey Brining

    It's a salt/sugar solution with water that you also infuse the flavors of herbs, lemon peel, spices. They all go into the meat. The turkey actually weighs 10% more after it’s brined because it takes on that liquid, extra liquid, through osmosis. So, you get a more plump bird that's not just flavored infused, it's going to be juicier + harder to overcook as a result. My recommendation for a perfe…Read More

  7. From Inspiration to Invention

    Cooking for my regular clients, I was wanting to make a peach dessert but unfortunately, the peaches were not to my liking. I did however remember buying some really beautiful pears, but had no red wine to poach them in. It was time to get creative so I decided to use fresh vanilla beans, cardamom and other spices to create more of an Indonesian poached pear. The dessert just sort of came together…Read More

  8. Nate’s Journal

    “You’re going to be so mad at me after you eat this...” One bite of this banana cake, and you’ll be eating the whole thing! Using one of my favorite southern, home-style recipes, this banana cake is absolutely delicious. Almost like sticky toffee pudding, but with overripe bananas, walnuts, cake and butter… lots of butter. But, just one reason why it was so delicious! It’s one of those…Read More