1. Networking For Sales – Five Hot Tips for Pro Chefs

    NETWORKING FOR SALES - FIVE HOT TIPS FOR PRIVATE CHEF NETWORKING 1. Selling Yourself at Networking events For most people, selling yourself can be a rather intimidating endeavor. We might be experts in the kitchen, but chatting about what we do and how we do it, can make us feel like a used car salesman: Nightmares of bad suits, horrible coffee and out-stretched hands, ready to wheel and deal. Ew!…Read More

  2. Chefs Mixer “The Private Chefs Guild”

    The importance of meeting and networking with other chefs is absolutely invaluable! Not only will this help expand your craft and create a circle of support, but it will also help us all get more gigs! Now that we’ve established that chef networking events are crucial to growing and maintain a thriving chef businesses we at Private Chef Consulting would like to announce our first of many pot-luc…Read More

  3. Why hire a Private Chef

    You have worked your entire life to be the success you are. You have sacrificed yourself for the betterment of your career and it shows. Those long days and nights have finally paid off and your lifestyle shows that. Your assistant keeps you directed to your next meeting, all the while making sure you have time for your friends and loved ones. Of course, saving time to be able to enjoy personal ti…Read More

  4. Skills of An A-list Private Chef

    Becoming an A-List Private Chef is not as easy as picking up a knife and calling yourself a chef. It's more than just cooking. It’s having the ability to adapt to your surroundings, and the needs/wants of your clientele. Being a private chef is also becoming a trusted member of the household staff. With my time as a private chef, I learned a lot and these lessons required me to stay grounded in …Read More

  5. Important Qualities of a Private Chef

    In my last blog, I went over some of the things both clients and private chefs need to keep in mind when trying to form a business partnership. Whether it is making sure your prospective chef is able to work and cook around your dietary restriction to knowing that your private chef’s schedule can work with yours and when you need food on the table, it is imperative that a team atmosphere is fost…Read More

  6. What are You Looking for in a Private Chef?

    By now, everyone who has come across my website knows how I’ve gotten to this point in my career. As a private chef, I’ve run through a gauntlet of obstacles to achieve my dream of being one of Los Angeles’ premier private chefs. With all of the time I’ve put in to get here, I’ve realized there are certain things clients look for when they are selecting a private chef. It’s important t…Read More

  7. Reasons to Hire a Private Chef

    Cooking is an artform and a hobby, but some may see it as an inconvenience or a daunting mountain to climb. If cooking anything other than macaroni and cheese seems too intimidating or your schedule simply does not lend you any time in the kitchen, hiring a professional chef can be a great option. Here in Los Angeles, the temptation to explore the expensive restaurants and smoothie bars is rampant…Read More

  8. How I Became A Private Chef

    My first job as a private chef was the hardest to get, because I was young and making a really big career change. Although at that time I had a resume with Ritz Carlton training, along with a culinary degree, breaking into this particular (and sometimes peculiar)  field was not going to come easy. Looking back now 10 years later, It's understandable that when chasing my first freelance chef gigs …Read More

  9. What Can You Learn from a Chef Mentor

    The culinary world is full of twists and turns. One day, you’ll find yourself on the back porch, grilling a perfectly medium rare steak, and the next you find yourself aboard a super yacht creating a crudo of fresh snapper that was just pulled from the ocean. You can handle it all right? Well sometimes you need some help. Whether you are just starting out or you find yourself at a career crossro…Read More