“Sharing food is such a personal thing and working in the home, even more so.”

Finding the right chef for your home or event can be more difficult than making a perfectly risen soufflé! Even if you find a chef online, how do you know they’re any good? You’d have no idea, until now…

As an industry leader who’s worked all over Los Angeles in homes both fine and modest alike, I’ve built a network of all-star chefs. I’ve always loved sharing work with the talented chefs I’ve come to know over the years.

Now, I’m offering this resource to you with Chef Nate’s Private Chef Consulting. Tell me what qualities you’d like to find in a personal or private chef, and I’ll get you resumes and interviews with top LA talent.

What makes my service different from a typical agency? I have personal insight and experience with all the chefs on my roster. I’ve cooked with them and gotten to know them, and I can tell you who’s a good match for your individual needs.

Just ask, and I’ll give you reliable, quality chefs for any need or household, no matter how demanding or infrequent, formal or casual. I know it’s about more than just good food, and I’ll find a chef whose demeanor fits the tastes and personality of your household.

You’ll hire with confidence knowing that I guarantee all my chef staffing placements fully. I will guarantee chef services for the duration of the employment and will find a replacement chef at any point if you’re not satisfied.

Read more about the variety of chef services available, or call or text me any time: 877-654-5757.

Private Chef: Full time, first class dining

A private chef focuses all their effort on cooking for one client or household. Be it a family or an individual, a private chef will make sure your food and dietary needs are thoughtfully taken care of. This includes the shopping, cooking and clean-up of freshly cooked food made specially for you.
Your private chef will take time to learn and understand your needs and desires and craft their food accordingly. Taking time to source fine ingredients, and often ‘make something special’ to ensure that all guests are satisfied.

The cost of a private chef ranges from $65 to more than $150k and is based on experience. On average, you might expect to pay a Private Chef $350–$1,000+ a day based on the number of meals required and the chef’s skill level.

How to hire a private chef:
Step 1: Contact Chef Nate 877-654-5757 or email
Step 2: Tell me about what you’re looking for in a Private Chef
Step 3: Review Resumes & Interview
Step 4: Test cook your favorite chefs and make a hire.


Personal Chef: part time and temporary services

A personal chef is perfect for anyone who’d like to have a chef come cook a few times a week or for a short amount of time – for example, when on vacation. The chef will meet with you, create a menu, shop, prepare, and cook and clean at your home for one flat day rate, plus the cost of ingredients. The goal is to create a personalized experience that you won’t want to live without!

Better than a restaurant, you’ll always have food ready that answers the daily struggle of “What’s for Dinner”?

Your personal chef will take time to know and understand your dietary needs and culinary desires in order to best prepare food to your taste. Also, your chef will be sure to source high-quality ingredients and organic when desired.

The cost of a personal chef averages $200–$800 per day based on experience and workload.

How to hire a personal chef:
Step 1: Contact Chef Nate 877-654-5757 or email
Step 2: Tell me about what you’re looking for in a Personal Chef
Step 3: Review Resumes & Interview
Step 4: Test cook your favorite chefs and make a hire.


Cooking Classes: For friends, family, or one-on-one

Cooking Classes: For friends, family, or one-on-one
Once you learn how, cooking at home is easier and more fun than you can imagine! With a private cooking class taught by a professional, you’ll feel more comfortable in the kitchen right away! From absolute beginners to advanced skill building, we have classes available for all levels, including kids.

Want to learn how to bake the perfect chocolate soufflé or impress your guests with a braised beef short rib? I’ll teach you how from start to finish, with a custom curriculum and hands-on training. The goal is to make you comfortable with your cooking skills, so you may share your experience with your whole family. My goal is to get people cooking again, so we can bring people together to share the joys of the table.

Class subjects:

  • Knife Skills
  • Family Favorites
  • Diet Food Made Delish!
  • Fish & Shellfish
  • Baking & Desserts
  • Asian + Ethnic
  • Soups, Sauces, & Salads
  • Home Made Pasta
  • Italian Classics
  • Holiday Classics
  • Meat & Grilling
  • Custom Classes Available!

How to hire a chef for cooking classes:

Step 1: Contact Chef Nate 877-654-5757 or email
Step 2: Tell me about what you’d like to learn
Step 3: Schedule a date and enjoy!


Meal Delivery

FROM OUR KITCHEN TO YOUR TABLEWe Shop, Cook and Deliver. You enjoy healthy meals delivered fresh!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, shape up, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to eat a clean, fresh and calorie-controlled diet.

Now you can easily do just that in a smart, affordable way!

We will always use the very best seasonal ingredients: organic meats, chicken and fish, organic vegetables and fruits, and traditional healthy fats, giving you the flavors and quality you deserve.

How to hire a chef for meal delivery:
1. SCHEDULE COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION – You’ll be able to talk to the chef directly to discuss your dietary needs and goals and set a delivery time that best fits your schedule.
2. EXPLORE & CHOOSE – Discover the Chef’s menus, then choose a meal program that best fits your lifestyle.
3. EAT & ENJOY – The Chef takes care of everything, including shopping, cooking and delivery. Enjoy the peace of mind that each dish was made just for you and delivered at your convenience!
You will set the schedule and frequency of your meal deliveries.

The average cost of hiring a chef for meal delivery is $150–$400+ per delivery, depending on the chef’s experience and other factors.

The cost of the food is typically separate. The average cost of food for a meal delivery is $120, and you can expect to receive approximately 5 meals, 2 salads and 2 snacks.


Holidays & Events: Special occasions you’ll savor

Holidays & Events: Special occasions you’ll savor
With all the stress and planning of a holiday or event, it sometimes feels like it’s not even worth it! If you’ve ever experienced this, consider hiring a chef for your celebration to find out how easy and affordable it can be. Whether it’s a casual 4th of July BBQ, a romantic dinner, or a family celebration, you can sit back and relax knowing that your chef has it covered.

Christmas Chef
Passover Chef
Thanksgiving Chef
Valentine’s Day Chef
Passover Chef