Mentoring: A Recipe For Success

Are you ready to get your dream job as a private or personal chef? You’ll be the fast track when you team up with me for mentorship, because you’ll be getting the tips, tricks and secrets to success from someone who built it from the ground up! I know how frustrating it is to struggle with money, working from job-to-job just to get by, and I know the stress that comes with that lifestyle. Sign up for mentorship, and I’ll personally teach you the tools to make more money doing what you love.

Please not that this course is not for everyone! Unless you’re ready to commit fully to your career success, mentorship might not be right for you… A determined mindset and positive attitude are essential, because success is really due to luck but is instead the result of steadfast work.

Free e-book included! It’s chapters include:

  • Top 10 Habits of A Six Figure Chef
  • How-To Find and Keep Your Clients
  • Social & Selling Online
  • Growing and Increasing Revenues 
  • And more!

Recipe for Success: step by step guide

Would you like to make money cooking food you love!? Before today, chef mentorship of this kind was unavailable.

With Mentorship I’ll teach you how to thrive as a freelance chef because I’ve made it BIG and I want to share the secrets, strategies, and life-hacks of how I did it (and examples of how you can too)! Here you’ll discover the essential lessons you need to be current, competitive and (most importantly!) profitable as a freelance chef.

This is the ONLY one-on-one mentorship program available with industry-specific details on how to brand, position, price, or just give a boost to your career as a freelance chef.

Four Steps:
1. Breakthrough Mindset
2. Branding & Selling 
3. How to Find and Retain Clients for Life
4. Earn Time for Yourself

The Six Figure Private Chef


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